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Wall-Mounted Switchboards

Peterson Electric Panel Switchboards come complete with a full line of options. By building some of the most flexible switchboard designs in the Nation, Peterson is able to meet virtually any customer needs in a very short amount of time. Most switchboards can be completed in 2-3 weeks or less. However, as we cannot always predict what will happen when, Peterson has been known to get out full size switchboards in 2-3 days depending on the situation.

Our most common switchboard includes a fused Bolted Pressure Contact Switch purchased from our long time supplier Boltswitch Inc. These are some of the most reliable and durable switches on the market today for custom switchboard builders. The rest of the switchboard is usually made up of Siemens Vacu-Break fused switches and a metering devise on the line side of the switchboard.

Most switchboards that are built at our facility incorporate Bussmann or Shawmut Fuses into the design for use in all fused switches. These companies have been in business for many years and have been dedicated to delivering a superior product, which in turn helps us build you the most reliable switchboard currently available.

We can build switchboards with the following specifications

* 400A to 4,000A.
* 12V to 1.5 K.V.
* Up to 200,000 A.I.C. Symetrical Amperes
* Sections are linked together with copper buss links
* Can be made to be top or bottom feed.
* Header boxes are available to fit existing switchboards for easy installation.
* Any side can be made to be an entrance.